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First up, is your dog in pain? How many pain signs are your dog showing?

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All forms of lameness and muscle stiffness should involve muscle therapy (muscle therapy = Myotherapy)

Common causes for muscle stiffness:

  • An underlying condition i.e. osteoarthritis
  • An old injury
  • A new injury
  • Repetitive strain issue
  • Compensatory or adaptive change issue

Muscle scaring and much more commonly the negative effects of overloading, cause a shortening within muscles. These shortened regions draw the joints closer together creating a frictional effect on the joint. This has a degenerative outcome and creates inhibition, which in turn creates its own complications, resulting in a postural change.

Other non-manipulative therapies are not always successful in removing ‘muscle inhibition’. This is where Galen Myotherapy can succeed where other therapies may not. When Myotherapy removes or eases the inhibition it creates a better movement pattern; often at this point is when other therapies can expound on this and together we can get amazing results!

Watch an excerpt of a session Colin has with Julia. Colin suffers from a very painful condition called patellar subluxation where the knee cap jumps out of position causing excruciating pain. Humans whose knee caps jump out of place screech in pain. When one knee suffers from this condition, the other limbs over compensate putting undue load on them. Julia works on Colin’s limbs to relive the stress by this load.

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