Myotherapy Workshop

The course will give practical instruction to enable the application of three techniques and learn a little about what is under a dog’s skin. How massage can influence this, through the understanding of how mobility issues can impact on the dog’s general health as well both psychologically and physiologically, especially in cases of arthritis and many other issues affecting mobility.

During the workshop, there will be discussion and media supporting evidence on stresses asserted on your dog and how you can recognise and help avoid them.

The day includes:

  • How environmental stresses can affect your dog
  • The impacts of everyday actions on your dog and what you can do about it
  • The discussion of case histories
  • Study various footage to understand how injury can affect your dog’s ongoing mobility
  • The benefits of massage
  • How stress effects the dog and how massage helps
  • Canine anatomy and comparative anatomy
  • Basic information of the circulatory and lymphatic systems
  • The skeletal structure of the dog
  • Superficial ‘bony’ landmarks
  • The main muscular groups
  • How to massage your dog effectively using dedicated techniques
  • Practice performing ‘passive movement’ to enhance joint health and range of movement

This course is held in a dedicated training room that is dog friendly.  There is ample good walking for your dog during lunch and break times.  Parking is available near the training room. Please bring a pencil, paper and colouring pens and wear sensible clothes, suitable for undertaking the course.

Please note that you first need to complete the Canine Essential 101 course, before you become eligible for the myotherapy workshop. Please do check the earliest date at which you can complete Canine Essential 101, in order to qualify for the myotherapy workshop in May this year. Click here to download Canine Essential 101 brochure.