Myotherapy is derived from the prefix ‘myo’, meaning ‘relating to muscles’ .  Therapy, as a direct therapy for muscles, meaning hands-on and also exercise management.

Galen Myotherapy is a unique and highly specialised manual and exercise management therapy in dogs.  It uses appropriate, effective and targeted massage techniques and exercise to  manage chronic muscular pain, reduce inflammation and to maximise muscle function.  As written about in the ‘World Small Veterinary Association – Journal of Small Animal Practice. Vol 55 , June 2014.’ 

Galen Myotherapy is an authentic approach, using unique knowledge that has been developed by Galen’s founder Julia Robertson through her treatment of over 8,000 dogs since 2002.  She was one of the first, if not the first known dedicated canine practitioners of this type in the UK.

Julia has learned through the years of dedicated specialised experience, that trends and patterns of behaviour and physical changes occur in a dog when they are suffering with muscular pain. Based on this and her clear understanding of animals, the therapy has developed to where it is today, incorporating the unique approach to the dog and handler.

Galen Myotherapy is also unique in its approach to how they work with their dogs they treat.  Every Galen Myotherapist will give the dog choice, they will allow the dog to walk around during treatment and choose their treatment. The use of muzzles is extremely rare and all Galen Myotherapists work at ground level.

What is it for?

Galen Myotherapy can be highly effective in many conditions and situations, including:

  • Repetitive strain injuries -one of the most common causes
  • Ongoing lameness that’s typically difficult to pin-point and accurately diagnose
  • Osteoarthritis – especially in dogs that are intolerant to anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Sub-luxating patellas (think the ‘Jack Russell Hop’)
  • Behavioural issues
  • Compensatory issues.
  • Whiplash caused from impact at speed
  • Enhancing the health and performance of sporting dogs – ‘Keeping Working Dogs Working’

Galen Myotherapy has in part derived from massage as has physiotherapy; the difference is that physiotherapy is a specialist treatment for acute post-operative conditions whereas Galen Myotherapy is more intended for the chronic cases.

This knowledge is  now proving invaluable for Veterinary Surgeons and Para-professionals that are enrolling on the Galen Myotherapy course so that they can improve their own practice.